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Yellow Vest (2019)

Yellow Vest (2019)

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As Gwen prepares to join the yellow vests movement, her ex boyfriend, Josh, with whom she spends a pleasant time at the hotel, slips discreetly into her bag an envelope containing drugs. But here it is, the next morning Gwen does not show up at work which calls her friend Tiffany. Why did she suddenly disappear? His friends decide to go looking for him, and chase the vicissitudes where they must each time give of their person to get out unscathed …

Title...........: Yellow Vest (2019)
Release date....: 1 Apr 2019
Language........: French
Studio/Company..: Jacquie et Michel ELITE
Split Scene.....: No
Screen list.....: View
Container.......: mp4
Audio codec.....: AAC, 128 Kbps
Resolution......: 480p || 720p
File Size.......: 574mb || 1.2gb
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Views:16,787 views
Duration: 126 Min
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