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Raunchy Redheads (2019)

Raunchy Redheads (2019)

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When Terry threw her back out doing the tango last night she called her brother to help her
cover her yoga instruction for the day. He was happy to oblige even though he isn’t an expert in
yoga. And then he saw his first student and he knew he’d made the right choice.
Ms. O’Reily is a raunchy boss who likes to muscle her employees around. That’s why she
tends to hire the mousy types of guys. And when she tells you to close the door to her office you
had better do it quickly and without any lip. She’ll make it worth your while.
Dr. Manning is head of surgery and is used to other people taking care of the little things.
Lately more red tape has been introduced into his life and it’s making him a little edgy. All he
wants to do is plan a simple trip to Cancun – is that too much to ask? Meanwhile Nurse McCray
sees an excellent opportunity to score some free Mexican sunshine.
Lea is a part time art model working with a new artist. She’s also a gymnast and a raunchy girl,
too. This new artist has been doing male nudes for weeks so you can imagine his relief at getting
a female assignment for a change. And this one is raunchy as hell – that painting will never be
done on time.
There are more parts to this series! This time Elle and Kendra entice us with their luscious girl-on-
girl ways. Not to be missed! And be sure to catch the surprising climax on Friday.

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