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Our Special Night (2022)

Our Special Night (2022)

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Marie (Anny Aurora) is babysitting for her step-uncle Daniel (Brad Newman) and his wife Sandra (Karla Lane), who are going out to celebrate their anniversary. Marie is surprised when Daniel and Sandra come home early. Sandra celebrated a bit too much so they had to call it an early night. Daniel leads Sandra off to bed and comes back into the room, sitting on the couch with Marie. As they chat, Marie steadily ramps up her flirtations. Soon, Daniel realizes what Marie is after. Eventually, Daniel can no longer resist Marie’s seduction tactics. Marie is going to make sure that Daniel NEVER forgets his special night… Mike (Seth Gamble) putters around a bed where a woman, Abby (Nicole Sage), lies with her eyes closed. She is paralyzed from the neck down. At that moment, there is a knock at the door and Teresa (Olive Glass), Abby’s home-care professional, walks in. There seems to be something unspoken between Mike and Teresa, but Abby doesn’t notice. Teresa announces that she’s leaving for the day and exits the room. Mike catches up to Teresa. It becomes clear that Mike and Teresa have been having an affair, which Mike now wants to end. He fires Teresa, insisting that she leave immediately, but Teresa comes on to Mike, insisting that they fuck, right here, right now. Teresa truly has Mike wrapped around her finger…

Title..........: Our Special Night (2022)
Release date...: Dec 01 2022
Language.......: English
Studio.........: Pure Taboo
Split Scene....: No
Screen list....: View
Container......: mp4
Audio codec....: AAC, 128 Kbps
Resolution.....: 480p || 720p
File Size......: 430mb || 750mb
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Views:35,219 views
Genre: Drama
Duration: 65 Min
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