Eyes of the Werewolf (1999)

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Eyes of the Werewolf (1999): The film Eyes of the Werewolf starts with some rednecks hunting down a beast. When they finally kill it, they cut out its eyes, because some doctor wants them. This ominous doctor transplants the eyes into some poor guy´s head. While the guy is glad that he can see again, he also starts to transform to a werewolf every now and then. He get´s some help from his girlfriend and a strange dwarf, but a tough policewoman is already on his track.

Title..........: Eyes of the Werewolf (1999)
Studio.........: Razor Digital Entertainment
Audio codec....: AAC, 128 Kbps 
Split Scene....: No
Screenshot.....: View
Container......: mp4
Resolution.....: 480p
File Size......: 369mb
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Views:5,351 views
Genre: Horror
Duration: 74 Min
Budget:$ 5.000,00

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