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Excess (2020)

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Synopsis: Excess is a saily indulgence in this hand-selected collection of vignettes from Deeper.com. Once is not enough for Jax when his celebrity girlfriend’s body double returns after a night helping them create a leaked sex tape. Natalia doesn’t take divorce for an answer when her husband confronts her with proof of her affair. Demi teaches Manuel that sometimes having everything means you’ve taken too much, and Dante knows better than to ask questions when Haley’s boyfriend f-rces them aggressively closer. Each gets more than they deserved.

Title..........: Excess (2020)
Release date...: September 30 2020
Language.......: English
Container......: mp4
Screenshot.....: View
Audio codec....: AAC, 128 Kbps
Resolution.....: 360p || 480p || 720p
File Size......: 470mb || 633mb || 826mb
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Views:28,866 views
Genre: Fantasy
Duration: 158 Min
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